Rapid! PayCard

Rapid PayCard – Alternative to Cash or Payments Through Checks

If you are looking to manage a MasterCard or Visa Paycard online that www.rapidfs.com is the website you should be looking at. Rapid! PayCard is a solid powerful financial service for the employers to provide the wage delivery through electronic means to the employees who don’t have traditional banking relationships. This not only saves the time of both employee and employers but also the money associated with the cashing checks. The best part is that it is hundred times safer than cash because the funds ate protected by MasterCard and Visa Zero Liability programs.

Using Rapid! PayCard from rapidfas.com, you will be able to eliminate the hassle of lost checks and paying the check cashing fees. The employees will get the text alerts, cash back merchant rewards, online bill payment facility, interest bearing savings, surcharge free Allpoint ATM withdrawal and much more. The other great thing is that there is no overdraft fees or any required credit checks as it is not a credit card.

How to Login to RapidFS Account?

Login to the RapidFS account is easy while entering the user ID and password associated with your account is super easy. You need to have the details handy and simply enter those details at desired location inside the login form. The system verifies your details and if they are correct, you can enter inside the portal.Rapid! PayCard

How to create account on RapidFS?

  • If you have not created any account on RapidFS, just click on the ‘First Time Login’ option and then enter the 16-digit number of the card that have been issued by the employer.
  • The users might have to provide the information such as name, age, and date of birth in addition to their email address for verification and authorization purpose.
  • You will then receive an authorization code on your email.
  • Enter the access code that you received in order to access your account.
  • Users can select the option – “Remember this machine” so they don’t need to enter the code again and again.

What Users can do from RapidFS Accounts Page?

  • Check the remaining balance on their card.
  • Check the transaction history.
  • Make online bill payments or send checks.
  • Sign up for email alerts or text messages.
  • Book hotels or make airline reservations.
  • Enroll in savings plan.
  • Access the direct deposit information with different employer.

To check out the complete fees associated with Rapid! PayCard, you can see the cardholder agreement that is readily available on the accounts page.

RapidFS Support

In case you are looking for any information related to account or your card is stolen/lost, you can call 877-380-0908 which is RapidFS helpline number. The employers who are really interested to add Rapid! Paycard to their payroll services can call RapidFS sales at 888-828-2270.

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