Prepaid rewards center Card

Prepaid Rewards Center – What to do When PrepaidCenter Card is Lost/Stolen

To login to your prepaid rewards card account, you have to enter a valid 16-digit card number on The card number box is located on top right corner of the screen. Once you find it, simply enter your 16-digit prepaid card number. This will help you setup your online account if you haven’t set it up so far. If you are already a member on this site, you can simply enter the required information in the login box.

To sign into their account, a returning cardholder will use the same 16 digits code on their cards as a new user will do to create their account. Enter your 16-digit prepaid card number at to get the complete access of your account. When you have created the account, you can locate tracking number on the back of your card. You have to enter this number when you are prompted to do so. This information helps you generate your card transaction history and also change your contact information.

Once a prepaidcenter card user has logged in to their account, he/she will be able to locate the FAQs (frequently asked questions). This section has answers to most of the commonly asked user queries and might help you solve your queries related to your prepaid rewards center account. This prepaid rewards Visa is similar to any other credit card and can be used like a debit card. However, it is not acceptable at the gas pumps and also at most of the ATMs.

Where to use Prepaidrewardscenter Card?

Prepaid rewards center Card

Though this is the Visa rewards card and works similar to a credit card, it is not usable in all the situations. A point of sale system is required to use this card. Therefore, you cannot use it at any ATM or gas pumps. While shopping at stores, you will be asked to sign a receipt if no PIN number is assigned to your card. The mail order purchases can also be done using your rewards card.

If you require any other assistance related to your prepaid card, simply click on the link located at the top-right corner of the screen. If you have lost your card or it is stolen, simply click on the link on the bottom right corner of the screen. This will help you complete the form and mail it to the address provided. The affidavit of fraud must of the notarized by the licensed Notary Public to be valid. You can send the notarized affidavit of the fraud form to the given address:

Cardholder Services

700 State Hwy, 121 Bypass

Suite 200 Lewisville, TX 75067

Kindly note that you cannot send fax or copy of the completed affidavit of fraud as they are not accepted. All disputes of lost/stolen card get processed within 5 to 7 days. It can take up to 30 days for the credits to be applied on your card after your form gets processed. It can even take up to 30 days for the credits to be applied on your card after form processing. If there is a requirement of replacement prepaid center card, then it will get delivered to the address mentioned in the notarized affidavit of fraud.

Visit to get more information and create your Prepaid Rewards account.

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