Citi Octapharma Plasma Card

You can access and manage your Octapharma Plasma Visa Prepaid Debit card online by visiting Octapharma is the company that collects human plasma to save lives across the world. It also rewards people who donate financial compensation. With each successful donation of life-saving plasma, funds get loaded directly to the prepaid card. There are no checks for getting the cash, no bank account needed, and no need to worry about the cash being stolen or lost.

How to make money with Prepaid Octapharma Plasma Card?

Octapharma understands the donation of plasma takes some valuable time and then strives to make the donation quickly and easy. After you have donated, users are issued a prepaid card from that is loaded with compensation after each plasma donation. The returning donors may get additional funds loaded to their cards. They are not given new cards every time.

It keeps finances neat and tidy and put your money at one place. The donors can use Octapharma Prepaid card like a normal debit card when making the purchases online or in stores. It is a Visa card, so your funds are protected against fraud/theft by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy.Octapharma Plasma Card

To get complete account access, the donors can enter their username and password at and login to their account. If you are a new user, you can click on “Register your card now” button in order to create an account. The new user needs to enter 16-digit number and security code printed on the back.

The holders of the card will be asked to provide the additional information in order to verify their identify and protect against the unauthorized access. You can check your balance, view past transactions, and do other things. The user need only their card number and security codes in the spaces provided:

After the user log in, users can:

  • Check your account balance.
  • See the transaction history.
  • Pay your bills online.
  • Update your personal information.
  • Set your new pin and more.

The donors of plasma can treat their Visa card like cash. You should ensure that you should not give your username, PIN or password to anyone else. All prepaid cards have certain fees associated with Octaplasma card and its use. In order to consult and get information about fee schedule or to report lost/stolen card, you can contact at 866-326-8689 or can contact CitiGroup online. You can contact the nearest Octapharma Plasma donation center to know more about concerns about donating plasma.

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