Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine Analysis

The Good: You can readily opt for Breville BSE870XL Barista if there are any plans to buy an espresso machine. For coffee lovers this device is an excellent choice. This machine is equipped with a burr grinder that makes it capable of offering the best espresso within seconds. Breville Barista Express is fully automatic. The user need not worry about grinding and tamping procedure. The brewing of beans is also carried out automatically by this smart machine. This device promises to offer a hassle-free experience which leads to supreme satisfaction.

The Lows: The handling along with the operation of Breville Barista Express machine might prove difficult for some users. But with time, they would get familiar with this automatic machine. There are some options which need time to understand them properly.

The Bottom Line: The pressurized filters with dual walls makes this machine an efficient device.  Moreover, the pressure inside the machine can be controlled automatically. The ultimate extraction process helps the user savor that perfect cup of coffee filled with aroma and taste. During the initial days, you can experiment with the filters so as to prepare coffee appropriate to your taste. The grinder size can also be manipulated in order to acquire different tastes.

Breville Barista Express Review

The manufacturing of this espresso machine speaks a lot about its supreme quality. The production center of Breville Barista Express is situated in Italy. This machine is equipped with a thermocol heating system and a pump which is capable of generating pressure up to 15-bar. These features offer suitable temperature and power to brew quality espresso at all times. The pre-brew function is “ON” and its combination with the flat head water spigot helps in distributing the coffee puck. This is an ideal device which can be offered as a gift to friends, family or loved ones on special occasions.

If you think pouring the beans into the hopper is a difficult thing? Think Twice! The presence of a Conical Burr Grinder makes this task simple and easy. For the purpose of safety, storage, removal and cleaning there is a unique option of locking the hopper in various positions.

One can make the grind fine as well as course by selecting the size and amount of grind. With the help of selector dials single shots of coffee can be produced without any hassle. One can easily read the dials on the machine without any discomfort. The presence of the filter size button allows the user to choose single or double wall filter basket depending on the consumption quantity.

Water filters are present in the water tank which is helpful for removing impurities along with other deposits. The filter is detachable and is a wonderful aspect for thoroughly cleaning the machine for acquiring the best quality coffee. The manual override option along with reprogrammable settings is useful to change the volume of coffee mid-way through the processing.

Breville Express Espresso Machine Features

This intelligent espresso machine has striking features which offers it a special place. Let us take a look at the important aspects of Breville Express Espresso Machine:

  • One of the major advantages of this machine is that, the pressure can be viewed in the pressure gauge. This is a good feature to assist the users in supervising the brewing process.
  • The smartness of this machine can be proved through its indicator lights. These lights warn the user to clean the machine on time. The users are provided with a special cleaning kit that makes it easy for completely cleaning the equipment without any hassle.
  • This machine also has a 360-swivel action steam wand.
  • An auto-purge function is also present in the Breville Express Espresso Machine.
  • The “Empty Me” indicator light enables the user to take out the tray and clean it.

Final Words

You won’t find an espresso machine that has such interesting features which helps the user sip the perfect cup of coffee. The price range of Breville Barista Express is not that expensive as compared to other coffee makers. This machine is equipped with the latest technique and processing method that which makes it the best choice in the market.

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