Activate MyPrepaidCenter Card and Check Card Balance

Activate MyPrepaidCenter Card

Looking ahead to check your MyPrepaidCenter Card balance? provides you ability to check Visa or Mastercard Balance directly. The number of debit and credit cards is increasing around the globe. Users find it easy to use credit and debit cards rather then carrying cash to different places.

Moreover, to support these services, there are a number of online safe and secure portals to provide more details to the clients. If you are the user using cards from then we have listed down the ways to activate your card and check balance.

Users of different credit and debit cards in the United States purchase services from different private banks, or through the approved merchants of Blackhawk Network Holdings INC. So, the users can easily navigate to their online account using the website portal. So, check out how to activate the card and access the portal to avail different benefits.

How to Activate Card – Complete Procedure

As a company, it incorporates the services like handling debit/credit cards, gift cards, and other preliminary banking services for the people in the United States. If you have purchased any service from MyPrepaidCenter merchants, then you will be able to make the user of online portal services that I provided to all its users.Activate MyPrepaidCenter Card

Website Name
Provides: Gift Cards, Prepaid Cards
Languages: English, Spanish
Issued By: MetaBank
Trademark Blackhawk
Features: Instant Activation

Once the card has been sent to the user and e/she has received it, the card must be activated by registering it to the portal. To do so, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • You need to have a working internet connection and the portal URL handy. Also keep your card ready to enter the details. Visit the website from here:
  • You will find the blanks and card activation menu on right side. Enter the details like – card number, security code and card validity details.
  • Click on security captcha and then on the “LOG IN” tab.
  • Once the website servers load, you will be directed to “Create Profile” page.
  • Now, enter the details like Name, email, card details etc.
  • Also, enter your desired username that you want to keep and a password for your account. These credentials must be kept safe as they are significant for signing into the portal every time you visit it.
  • After you complete the form, submit the details.
  • A verification email will be sent to you and this will define that your PrepaidCenter Credit Card either Visa or Mastercard is now active.

The users can now use their Master/Visa cards anywhere as per their needs. There is a limit to credit/debit values, so you need to be really careful while spending your money. Monthly payments might be rendered from regular customers with minimum dues. The remaining balance in the card will be displayed on the portal.

MyPrepaidCenter Portal Features

There are a number of key benefits and features that allure the users by use of these portal services. So, here are some of the coolest features of MyPrepaidCenter Portal. Check them out below:

  • The users can access the information about their card and get knowledge of using the cards in a way they want.
  • You can see the details regarding the payments, due dates, remaining balances, limits etc.
  • The users are allowed to make the due payments using portal access of their banks through’s website.
  • The users can manage their PIN and other details of their card using this service.
  • Users can also take advantage of different deals like getting 5% cash on use of the card at movies, hotels or restaurants etc.

The Bottom Line is very useful and is a great alternative of carrying cash. It come with a number of benefits and allow you to make purchases as per the limit set and money loaded on the card. You can also leverage 5% extra discounts on booking movie tickets, paying hotel bills and more. Get your MyPrepaidCenter Card today.

MyPrepaidCenter Customer Support

MyPrepaidCenter Customer Support

There are times when you might be facing difficulties with your card. So, you will need specialized support for it. You should only be contacting dedicated support numbers. These support numbers might change based on the type of Prepaid card you are using.

If you have any complaint regarding the prepaid card or facing any difficulty to access it at different stores, then here are the support lines you should be reaching out.

MyPrepaid Center Customer Care Support Numbers

MyPrepaidCenter support is available 24×7 and you can directly connect with them on following numbers based on the type of card you hold:

  • Special Line for AMEX (American Express) Cardholders (Only USA): 888-9900-2347
  • If your card is stolen, you will get dedicated support if you call: 877-227-0956
  • Support for Discover Cardholders (Only in the USA): 888-842-0336
  • Support for Discover Cardholders (Outside in the USA): 801-744-9918
  • Support for MasterCard Cardholders (Only in the USA and Canada): 888-371-2109
  • Support for MasterCard Cardholders (Outside in the USA): 339-234-6415
  • Support for Visa Cardholders (Only in the USA and Canada): 877-610-1075
  • Support for Visa Cardholders (Outside in the USA): 801-214-8892MyPrepaidCenter Customer Support

The Bottom Line

MyPrepaidCenter is immensely popular card service that is provided by Blackhawk Holding Network Inc. They offer prepaid cards to people allowing people to load card balance and then access it as credit/debit card. If you are facing any difficulty with your prepaid card issued by then you must contact on above support numbers to get your query resolved.

MyPrepaidCenter FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

MyPrepaidCenter Card FAQs

MyPrepaidCenter card offers a number of benefits to its holders. It is one of the best things to carry instead of cash. It is very similar to holding cash. It can be validated at most of the stores in the United States that accept payments via cards. You can even replace then in case someone steals your card or it gets misplaced.

People also don’t know how to check the balance of MyPrepaidCenter Card or register MyPrepaidCenter Card. It is easy to check balance of MyPrepaidCenter card balance online that includes checking balance of Visa card and Mastercard gift card. Users can easily check the balance on official website for different cards. To check the MyPrepaid Gift Card balance, you need to register at FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are you facing troubles with your MyPrepaidCenter login or card or other things? If yes, we have you covered with these FAQs that will help you solve your troubles. Kindly check if you are facing any of these troubles and are looking to solve problems. Here are some of the frequently asked questions to solve your queries.

What is MyPrepaidCenter Card?

MyPrepaidCenter card makes your financial transactions easy. You can easily monitor your balance and see transactions on the card through a centralized portal.

Can I Use MyPrepaidCenter card outside the United States?

No, you cannot use MyPrepaidcenter card outside the United States.

Where I can’t use MyPrepaidCenter card?

You cannot use it for mail or phone orders.

Are there any age restrictions to use MyPrepaidCenter Cards?

Yes, you should be at least 12 years old to use this card.MyPrepaidCenter Card FAQs

How do I check my prepaid card balance?

If you are looking to check your card balance, then you have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the MyPrepaidCenter official website and login using your card number and security code.
  • Go to your account after login.
  • You can now check your card balance.

How do I activate my prepaid card?

  • Visit MyPrepaidCenter official website and login using your credentials.
  • Once you login, you have to enter your card details such as 16-digit prepaid card number and 3-digit CVS Code.
  • Now, click on the ‘Activate Card’ button and you are done.

Where can I use My Prepaid Center Visa Card?

If you are using MyPrepaidCenter Visa Card then it can be used for online transactions, at gas stations, hotels, restaurants and places where Visa cards are accepted. You can even pay bills using this card.

What if my Prepaid Visa Card gets expired?

If it gets expired, you need to activate Visa Prepaid card. It can be done by simply calling the issuer service of your card.

Why Activation is Required?

It is required because MyPrepaidCenter cards cannot be used without the activation process. You must activate the card to make purchases.

Where can I find MyPrepaidCenter ATM?

You need to perform a basic search engine research to locate MyPrepaidCenter ATMs. Just speak or type on Google – “MyPrepaidCenter ATMs near me” and you can find all the ATMs near your vicinity.

How can I reset MyPrepaidCenter password?

If you have forgotten the username and password for MyPrepaidCenter then it is easy to reset. You don’t need to worry about it. Follow these steps to reset the password.

  • Enter your username and select ‘reset my password’ to create a new password.
  • If you have forgotten the username, enter your email address and the username will be sent to the email id.

How to use MyPrepaidCenter cards?

It is really easy to use MyPrepaidCenter cards. You just have to login to an online account and then navigate to your account balance. You can check your card balance, recent transactions, withdraw history and all the purchases as well.

Where can I see the overview of my transactions?

A list of all recent transactions is accessible on My Cards page with 30-day transaction history as well.

What is MyPrepaidCenter Customer Service Number?

  • Lost or Stolen Line: 877-227-0956
  • Discover Cardholders: 888-842-0336 (in the US) and 801-744-9918 (outside the US)
  • Mastercard Cardholders: 888-371-2109 (in the US and Canada) and 339-234-6415 (outside the US and Canada).
  • Visa Cardholders: 877-610-1075 (in the US and Canada) and 801-214-8892 (outside the US and Canada).

Things to Consider while using MyPrepaidCenter Card

  • Know the available value in your prepaid card. It will not work if you use it for a transaction more than the current value in the card.
  • Know the type of card you have.
  • Your card is accepted in most of the online platforms and on selected retailers.
  • After your register, you can find a lot of information about the use of card. Read it thoroughly.
  • Ensure that you have note down the card number and the service number of the card holder without deposit on the backside of prepaid card. This information is needed if your card is lost of steal.
  • You must select credits instead of debts when the option is specified.

What to do in case MyPrepaidCenter Card is lost or stolen?

  • Call the support which corresponds to your prepaid card and provide them with the 16-digit card number.
  • Once you have contacted the customer support, you will receive a new card with the remaining amount in it.
  • The user should ask for the replacement within 15 days before the expiry date of the card.
  • Though the replacement is free, each additional replacement is charged.
  • The replacement cards arrive within 7-10 business days by first-class mail.

What should I do if I find problem at point of sale?

You should first ask the dealer first. If nothing works, you can call the toll-free customer care number given the back of the card.

MyPrepaidCenter Card Features

MyPrepaidCenter Card Features

Prepaid debit cards are immensely popular as compared to traditional banking and credit providing companies. MyPrepaidCenter lets users to do shopping anywhere in the united states were AMEX, Visa, MasterCard or Discover cards are accepted. It is considered as one of the best prepaid debit options available at your desk.

MyPrePaidCenter Card Features

When you visit and login to the website, you can use different services such as:

  • You can access the recent transactions on your prepaid cards including your balance, transaction history by browsing different cards attached to your account.
  • You can even request to view 30-days transaction history if necessary.
  • You can find the ATMs that are located nearby your area.
  • You can improve security by registering to receive text messages or alerts via email.
  • You can sign up to receive promotional offers and improvements including 5% discount on every purchase.
  • You can protect your financial information with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology encrypting all information when you visit the site.
  • You can use contact page on the website to contact customer service if required.MyPrepaidCenter Card Features

The Bottom Line

This is important to note that we are not connected to MyPrepaidCenter and you should not communicate with us any confidential personal information. We are only source of information. We hope that you are get the desired information through this blog post.

How and Where to Use MyPrepaidCenter Card?

MyPrepaidCenter Login - Card Activation

If you are looking how to use MyPrepaidCenter card, then we have listed down the necessary information along with the guide. The Visa card with access to the ATM can be used wherever VISA cards are accepted, except for the petrol pumps.

What is the meaning of current balance in card?

  • Log in to the to see your prepaid card balance.
  • Make use of available balance or less.
  • The card can also be used for the current available balance or less.
  • If the purchase amount exceeds the card value, the transaction gets declined and you have to add money to your card.

Why do I receive this card?

The reason why you have received this prepaid loyalty card is because you have participated in the loyalty program. For more information, you can contact the program administrator.

Using Multiple Payment Methods

It’s highly advisable to use your MyPrepaidCenter Card while using more than one payment method. This means that the amount owned is les than or matched to the credit card balance.MyPrepaidCenter Login - Card Activation

Does the card ever get expired?

You must note that the expiry date of the card is written on the front side of your prepaid card. After the expiry date, the card gets cancelled and cannot be replaced. This means that the card will not be accepted by the dealers and if any value remains in the card after expiration, it can’t be used. The card expires in the midnight of the expiry date.

Can I use the card at an ATM Machine?

After you login to the official website, click on ‘Set Pin’ at the top of your website to select the PIN code used at the ATM Network. When you request any information from the ATM, you must select the indicator report, not the savings account. In case of ATM rates and limitations, you must read the card holder’s contract on its homepage.

Can I make use of a recurring Payment card?

These cards cannot be used for the recurring costs such as ongoing subscriptions or monthly subscriptions.

What Do You Need to know Before buying anything on the Internet?

If you don’t have your name on the front side of the card, you should contact customer service department at the phone on the back of your card. Register for the prepaid card before using it on internet for different purpose. The seller will use the information to confirm the purchase.

You should ensure that there is enough balance on your prepaid card before making the purchase so that the transaction doesn’t get declined. If you have any problem in your order, contact the seller’s customer service.

Where can I find the 3-digit code need for making purchased on the internet?

This three-digit code can be found on the back side of MyPrepaidCenter card.

The Bottom Line

The authorization fee for following service industries including bars, hotel, pubs, saloons, spas, car rentals, transportation and others may be 20% higher than the purchase price to cover the fee for free or another kind. This type of purchase will be accepted if the balance on this card includes the amount of the transaction ranging up to a maximum value of 20%.

The card number and customer support will be written on the back of the card and this information will be required by you in case of loss of theft of the card. So, you should note this number somewhere.

How to Reset MyPrepaidCenter Account Password?

MyPrepaidCenter Reset Password

MyPrepaidCenter is one of those online portals that have been launched to help MyPrepaidCenter card holders to check and monitor their card balance at ease. The users can utilize the online portal for making the payments and doing transactions anywhere, anytime. You just have to visit the online portal at and sign into the account after completing the registration.

MyPrepaidCenter cards are really useful and the users cover different households and other basic expenses using these cards. These cards also help the users to pay their telephone bills, recharge their mobile or cable connection, do shopping and other stuff online. These cards also help in checking the daily expense of the users.

How to reset MyPrepaidCenter Card Password – Account Password Recovery

Just in case you have completely forgotten the password for your MyPrepaidCenter account, you can easily recover it using a few simple and easy steps.

  • First of all, you should visit the official MyPrepaidCenter website from here.
  • Now, click on ‘I forgot my password’ for restoring or resetting your MyPrepaidCenter account password.
  • Once you have clicked on the button, you will be directed to the password recovery page of your MyPrepaidCenter account.
  • You have to submit the details that have been asked there.
  • Click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Now, you can view the instructions to reset password on your screen and follow the easy steps mentioned on the screen.MyPrepaidCenter Reset Password

The Bottom Line

Resetting MIyPrepaidCenter Account password is as easy as activating or checking the balance of MyPrepaidCenter Card. The users in the United States lobe this facility and these prepaid cards have gone immensely popular in the country. These have become the most convenient means of secure transactions every day.

It is one of the most used alternatives of traditional debit/credit cards. Now, people don’t have to carry the cash. They rather choose to load the money on this card and then utilize the balance at different stores for doing different purchases. Most of the store sin the US accept these cards and many online stores too accept these prepaid cards by MyPrepaidCenter.

What you need to know about MyPrepaidCenter Card?

In the modern era, people are looking to find ways that are convenient when it comes to money transactions. This has given birth to a number of methods to keep money safe with proper monitoring in a prepaid card. MyPrepaidCenter is one such service that allows customers to load money on their prepaid cards and spend it just like a debit/credit card. MyPrepaidCenter cards can be used in most of the stores in the US and to do online payments.

What is MyPrepaidCenter Card?

As the lifestyle is changing and getting fast, people have started preferring using cards rather than holding money and paying via cash or checks. It is not only practical but one of the safest ways to choose if you want to prevent cash mishandling.

Every legal resident in the US can easily obtain MyPrepaidCenter Card easily through the National Bank in the US. More and more people in the country have started using this card as they are very similar to traditional debit/credit cards in a way that they can be used in offline and online stores easily. So, these cards can be used in any store or supermarket of the United States accepting Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.

Where are MyPrepaidCenter Cards offered?

MyPrepaidCenter cards can easily be obtained from banks such as USA Bank or JPMorgan Chase and Co. as it is easy to get this card. There are prepaid cards that provide you free online payment features to make the online bill payments or even the bonus program.

The portal can be accessed by visiting the official website – Here you can check the balance on regular intervals. The hard thing is that this card can only be used by the resident of the US and the best thing is that it is a great alternative of hard cash.

Beware of the fraud websites that might be offering wrong information or trying to capture your information. Don’t fall in trap. The official website is and we are just the information provider.

Get Card Balance – Know your Vanilla Debit Card Balance

Get My Vanilla Card Balance

Good News! You can easily retrieve remaining card balance on Vanilla Prepaid card via With Vanilla card you get complete freedom to explore a number of shopping opportunities. As it is the prepaid card, you can limit the amount of balance it holds. The best part is that without getting tied to the constraints of the credit card, you can fully utilize the freedom of the debit card. It is a type of MasterCard Gift card that is offered by InComm and it can be used at any online portal or store where the MasterCard debit cards are accepted.

How to Check Vanilla MasterCard Balance on

You can use to check your prepaid card balance from anywhere, anytime by just entering a few important information in the provided section. These details must match the details that are mentioned on your Vanilla MasterCard. So, these details include:

  • Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • CVV

If you are not knowing your CVV, you can simply click on the link underneath the box. A small popup window appears that will tell you the process to fin CVV of your Vanilla debit card.Get My Vanilla Card Balance

More About GetCardBalance

You can simply click on the ‘terms and Conditions’ link on the bottom of the website to view the terms and conditions on available products. If you require any more information about the selection or reset of PIN for your card, you can login and select “Manage PIN” option.

If you want to make a purchase through your Prepaid card in a store, you have to:

  • Present your card to the cashier on the counter. You will have to sign a receipt or might have to push a credit button on the keypad.
  • Ensure that you know what your prepaid card balance is before making the purchase. This is because the merchants cannot determine what is your card balance. So, if you are making a purchase of greater amount as in your card, the transaction will be declined, and you don’t have to pay any overdraft charge.
  • If you are making a purchase using two forms of the payment, especially if you are purchasing an item of greater value as compared to the amount on your card, you can inform the cashier and can pay remaining amount through cash and rest amount via card. is the major source of information to get detailed information about your vanilla MasterCard or debit cards. However, if you have any more queries that have not been answered on your website, you can directly reach out to the helpline number 1800.680.5938.

Prepaid Rewards Center – What to do When PrepaidCenter Card is Lost/Stolen

Prepaid rewards center Card

To login to your prepaid rewards card account, you have to enter a valid 16-digit card number on The card number box is located on top right corner of the screen. Once you find it, simply enter your 16-digit prepaid card number. This will help you setup your online account if you haven’t set it up so far. If you are already a member on this site, you can simply enter the required information in the login box.

To sign into their account, a returning cardholder will use the same 16 digits code on their cards as a new user will do to create their account. Enter your 16-digit prepaid card number at to get the complete access of your account. When you have created the account, you can locate tracking number on the back of your card. You have to enter this number when you are prompted to do so. This information helps you generate your card transaction history and also change your contact information.

Once a prepaidcenter card user has logged in to their account, he/she will be able to locate the FAQs (frequently asked questions). This section has answers to most of the commonly asked user queries and might help you solve your queries related to your prepaid rewards center account. This prepaid rewards Visa is similar to any other credit card and can be used like a debit card. However, it is not acceptable at the gas pumps and also at most of the ATMs.

Where to use Prepaidrewardscenter Card?

Prepaid rewards center CardThough this is the Visa rewards card and works similar to a credit card, it is not usable in all the situations. A point of sale system is required to use this card. Therefore, you cannot use it at any ATM or gas pumps. While shopping at stores, you will be asked to sign a receipt if no PIN number is assigned to your card. The mail order purchases can also be done using your rewards card.

If you require any other assistance related to your prepaid card, simply click on the link located at the top-right corner of the screen. If you have lost your card or it is stolen, simply click on the link on the bottom right corner of the screen. This will help you complete the form and mail it to the address provided. The affidavit of fraud must of the notarized by the licensed Notary Public to be valid. You can send the notarized affidavit of the fraud form to the given address:

Cardholder Services

700 State Hwy, 121 Bypass

Suite 200 Lewisville, TX 75067

Kindly note that you cannot send fax or copy of the completed affidavit of fraud as they are not accepted. All disputes of lost/stolen card get processed within 5 to 7 days. It can take up to 30 days for the credits to be applied on your card after your form gets processed. It can even take up to 30 days for the credits to be applied on your card after form processing. If there is a requirement of replacement prepaid center card, then it will get delivered to the address mentioned in the notarized affidavit of fraud.

Visit to get more information and create your Prepaid Rewards account.

Rapid PayCard – Alternative to Cash or Payments Through Checks

Rapid! PayCard

If you are looking to manage a MasterCard or Visa Paycard online that is the website you should be looking at. Rapid! PayCard is a solid powerful financial service for the employers to provide the wage delivery through electronic means to the employees who don’t have traditional banking relationships. This not only saves the time of both employee and employers but also the money associated with the cashing checks. The best part is that it is hundred times safer than cash because the funds ate protected by MasterCard and Visa Zero Liability programs.

Using Rapid! PayCard from, you will be able to eliminate the hassle of lost checks and paying the check cashing fees. The employees will get the text alerts, cash back merchant rewards, online bill payment facility, interest bearing savings, surcharge free Allpoint ATM withdrawal and much more. The other great thing is that there is no overdraft fees or any required credit checks as it is not a credit card.

How to Login to RapidFS Account?

Login to the RapidFS account is easy while entering the user ID and password associated with your account is super easy. You need to have the details handy and simply enter those details at desired location inside the login form. The system verifies your details and if they are correct, you can enter inside the portal.Rapid! PayCard

How to create account on RapidFS?

  • If you have not created any account on RapidFS, just click on the ‘First Time Login’ option and then enter the 16-digit number of the card that have been issued by the employer.
  • The users might have to provide the information such as name, age, and date of birth in addition to their email address for verification and authorization purpose.
  • You will then receive an authorization code on your email.
  • Enter the access code that you received in order to access your account.
  • Users can select the option – “Remember this machine” so they don’t need to enter the code again and again.

What Users can do from RapidFS Accounts Page?

  • Check the remaining balance on their card.
  • Check the transaction history.
  • Make online bill payments or send checks.
  • Sign up for email alerts or text messages.
  • Book hotels or make airline reservations.
  • Enroll in savings plan.
  • Access the direct deposit information with different employer.

To check out the complete fees associated with Rapid! PayCard, you can see the cardholder agreement that is readily available on the accounts page.

RapidFS Support

In case you are looking for any information related to account or your card is stolen/lost, you can call 877-380-0908 which is RapidFS helpline number. The employers who are really interested to add Rapid! Paycard to their payroll services can call RapidFS sales at 888-828-2270.