My Prepaid Center- Know all the benefits

Visit to activate your card. Make secured payments and get exclusive benefits with my prepaid center card. Create your profile and manage all your financial data.

If you are looking out for a secured card to pay your expenses, then my prepaid center is a perfect choice for you. My prepaid center is an online portal that provides credit cards and debit and gift cards. Make your account with my prepaid center and be rest assured of the security and safety of your financial data. With advanced technology, my prepaid center manages your financial information and gives easy online solutions.

To get all my prepaid center benefits, sign up by visiting

Benefits Of My Prepaid Center 

  • To avail of all the benefits of My prepaid center, you need to login to my prepaid center first. Visit
  • With my prepaid center, you will be able to manage all your finances under one roof.
  • You can find all your monthly statements easily and all of your transactions and payment history.
  • With my prepaid center, the registered users get exclusive benefits such as cashback and discounts on selected brands, merchants and retail stores.
  • You can use my prepaid center card anywhere and at any time except gas stations and ATMs
  • My prepaid center is completely safe and reliable. All your financial information is secured with SSL technology. The data is all end to end encrypted so you can rest assured.
  • Sign up for email and text updates to get all the notifications regarding the bill due dates. Also, if there are some fraudulent actions going on with your account or if someone else tries to log in or use your card, you will be notified immediately.
  • If you lose your card or credentials by mistake, contact the customer service agents at my prepaid center.

How to Activate My prepaid center card?

If you are receiving this message while using your my prepaid center card, then you need to activate your card. To activate your card, follow the given procedure

  • You need to first login to your my prepaid center account, visit
  • The online portal will open up and a homepage will appear on the screen.
  • In the right hand corner, you will see an option to “sign in and activate card”, click on that option.
  • Enter your card number, expiry date, and your CVV or security number.
  • Enter the captcha to prove that you are not a robot.

My prepaid Center – How to create a profile?

  • To create your profile, visit
  • Enter your card details and activate your card.
  • Once you have activated your card, you will be directed to create a profile page.
  • In the profile enter your username and set up your password, re-enter the password and confirm.
  • Choose a security question and answer the question that you have chosen.
  • Choose your preferred language for the account.
  • Enter the captcha and prove that you are not a robot.
  • Your profile has been created, now you can easily use your my prepaid center card and make safe and secured transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What to do if lose my prepaid center card?

If you have lost your card by mistake, contact the customer representative at my prepaid center immediately and they will provide you full guidance and assistance regarding the procedure. Your money would be transferred to your new account.

  • Can I transfer money from my debit card to my prepaid center card?

Yes, you can transfer your money online via direct deposits or just as you transfer other funds online.

  • Do I need to activate my card before using my card?

Yes, you need to activate your card before using it. To activate your my prepaid center account, you need to visit Activate your card and create your profile.

  • How much time does it take to get my prepaid center card?

If you have applied for the card online, you will receive the card in a maximum of three business days.

  • Why do we need to enter the security question while setting up the profile?

You need to enter the security question so that if anyone except you tries to access your account, they will be asked to enter the question as well the answer to that question. In this way, your account would be safe from any fraudulent activities.