Activate MyPrepaidCenter Card and Check Card Balance

Activate MyPrepaidCenter Card

Looking ahead to check your MyPrepaidCenter Card balance? provides you ability to check Visa or Mastercard Balance directly. The number of debit and credit cards is increasing around the globe. Users find it easy to use credit and debit cards rather then carrying cash to different places.

Moreover, to support these services, there are a number of online safe and secure portals to provide more details to the clients. If you are the user using cards from then we have listed down the ways to activate your card and check balance.

Users of different credit and debit cards in the United States purchase services from different private banks, or through the approved merchants of Blackhawk Network Holdings INC. So, the users can easily navigate to their online account using the website portal. So, check out how to activate the card and access the portal to avail different benefits.

How to Activate Card – Complete Procedure

As a company, it incorporates the services like handling debit/credit cards, gift cards, and other preliminary banking services for the people in the United States. If you have purchased any service from MyPrepaidCenter merchants, then you will be able to make the user of online portal services that I provided to all its users.Activate MyPrepaidCenter Card

Website Name
Provides: Gift Cards, Prepaid Cards
Languages: English, Spanish
Issued By: MetaBank
Trademark Blackhawk
Features: Instant Activation

Once the card has been sent to the user and e/she has received it, the card must be activated by registering it to the portal. To do so, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • You need to have a working internet connection and the portal URL handy. Also keep your card ready to enter the details. Visit the website from here:
  • You will find the blanks and card activation menu on right side. Enter the details like – card number, security code and card validity details.
  • Click on security captcha and then on the “LOG IN” tab.
  • Once the website servers load, you will be directed to “Create Profile” page.
  • Now, enter the details like Name, email, card details etc.
  • Also, enter your desired username that you want to keep and a password for your account. These credentials must be kept safe as they are significant for signing into the portal every time you visit it.
  • After you complete the form, submit the details.
  • A verification email will be sent to you and this will define that your PrepaidCenter Credit Card either Visa or Mastercard is now active.

The users can now use their Master/Visa cards anywhere as per their needs. There is a limit to credit/debit values, so you need to be really careful while spending your money. Monthly payments might be rendered from regular customers with minimum dues. The remaining balance in the card will be displayed on the portal.

MyPrepaidCenter Portal Features

There are a number of key benefits and features that allure the users by use of these portal services. So, here are some of the coolest features of MyPrepaidCenter Portal. Check them out below:

  • The users can access the information about their card and get knowledge of using the cards in a way they want.
  • You can see the details regarding the payments, due dates, remaining balances, limits etc.
  • The users are allowed to make the due payments using portal access of their banks through’s website.
  • The users can manage their PIN and other details of their card using this service.
  • Users can also take advantage of different deals like getting 5% cash on use of the card at movies, hotels or restaurants etc.

The Bottom Line is very useful and is a great alternative of carrying cash. It come with a number of benefits and allow you to make purchases as per the limit set and money loaded on the card. You can also leverage 5% extra discounts on booking movie tickets, paying hotel bills and more. Get your MyPrepaidCenter Card today.