4 Different Types of Espresso Machine you can choose to buy from

There is possibly nobody who hasn’t tasty coffee in their life. Have you heard about espresso coffee? How is it different and how is it prepared? During the preparation of the espresso, you must begin with the usage of the highest quality coffee beans. These beans are brewed in order to produce great flavor. Superior quality espresso coffee is backed with a layer of delectable foam. Did you ever ponder how the espresso machine is able to produce the finest quality coffee? Besides there are a number of espresso machines found in the found market today.

4 Different Types of Espresso Machines

Let’s just take a look at all 4 of them so as to ensure that you choose only the best for your home or office.

Manual Espresso Maker

Love adding that extra effort to make your coffee delightful? Manual espresso coffee maker is the right choice for you! This coffee machine helps control every step of the coffee preparation. Besides, you can add the requisite taste to the coffee to make it just the way you like it. The low side of this coffee maker is that it might end up being screwed if you fail to get it right.

What makes it different? It is the lever of this espresso machine. Some espresso makers may have a direct lever while others may have a spring piston lever design. The manual espresso machines are rather more attractive and functional. It is known that they are a little pricey but believe us; they’ll only produce the best shot of espresso if you add the right mix of ingredients during the preparation process.


  • You can actually control the entire process of making a coffee
  • It is capable of producing the most superior quality coffee
  • They happen to be more durable than other coffee makers

To Keep in Mind

  • Might be a little expensive than others
  • May be difficult to use
  • Recommended for use by the experienced people

Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker

The semi automatic espresso machines come equipped with electric pump that offers absolute ease of access. Those who loved the manual machines will definitely enjoy working with the semi automatic espresso machines as the effort required by such coffee machines is definitely less. Price of such coffee machines is low and you can find them at discounted price on the store or even at online web portals.


  • Highly affordable
  • Easier to use when compared to the manual machines
  • Control several processes with this coffee maker
  • Produces tasty espresso shots

To Keep in Mind

  • Few models are expensive
  • Difficult to use for those who are inexperienced

Automatic Espresso Maker

Automatic coffee makers are capable of automating the amount as well as the delivery of water that goes in the making of the espresso. These machines are easy to use and with this you’ll be able to control a few processes with ease. The price of the models usually starts from $100 and these may be priced as high as $10000.


  • Most models are accessible
  • Very easy to use

To Keep in Mind

  • Some models may be expensive
  • Some models are not very durable
  • All things done automatically
  • Cannot control the flavor of the espresso

Super Automatic Espresso Machine

These are definitely the most easy to use espresso maker. In this you really don’t have to do anything as most of the things are done by the machine only. So, you’ll actually save on a lot of time and effort with this coffee maker.


  • All in one espresso maker
  • Easiest to use
  • Packed with several features such as pre-programmed options and in-built grinders

To Keep in Mind

  • Machines are expensive
  • Nothing is in your control as all options are pre programmed
  • More prone to faults

Final Words

Above are the 4 main types of espresso machines that are found in the market today. Based on your budget, need and requirement, you can make a choice. So, read through the benefits and the important features to simplify the decision making process.

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